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House Hunting with Kids

House Hunting with Kids

Today’s post is courtesy of Andy Schlosberg, a full-time working dad of a toddler and infant twins.

As I mentioned before, my family has been in the midst of house hunting. We’ve been living in a two-bedroom condo in the city, and to say we’ve outgrown it is an understatement. Up until recently, the twins had been sleeping in bassinets in the living room. Not ideal. Tired of the clutter, we asked our toddler, Grey, if they could share his room. After quite the ponder of “Ummm, hmmm, [long pause], sure…” we moved all three kids into one room. I am not sure how this happened, but within a couple of evenings they were all sleeping through the night. Of course, it took Hilleary and I awhile to readjust to this, but it sure has been nice to get a decent night’s rest. Hopefully some of my sleep deprived habits will disappear for good. Apparently when I do not sleep, I also forget words and just throw out the closest word to what I’m looking for to complete my thought. It gave Hilleary quite a few laughs, but it will be good to be able to complete full sentences again! Now better rested, we’ve had more energy to use some of our “free” time on the weekends productively and house hunting has been number one on our list of things to do.

Trying to be productive with free time on weekends with one child can be a challenge. With three kids, it’s nearly impossible. Throw in the stress of finding a new home, and you can see why our weekends have been crazy lately. To narrow down our house search, we would look for a particular town and map out four or five houses that caught our eye during our weekday research. Before heading out, we’d feed the kids, load up the car and then hit the road. We found that just doing drive-byes was usually enough to rule most houses out (people are quite creative with their listing descriptions). If there was an open house, we’d take turns — one parent walking through the house while the other stayed outside with the kids. If there wasn’t an open house but we were able to schedule a viewing, we’d either ask the grandparents to watch the kids…or we’d load up the whole crew and go inside. It was definitely not the ideal way to go through the home search process, but amazingly enough it worked…eventually.

We just closed on a new house. Now let’s see if we can actually get moved into this new house. Oh, and it needs some renovations. I will definitely be speaking with Rookie Mom about how she survived her home renovations with a toddler around. 

Andy Schlosberg Bright Horizons BloggerI’m a working dad of a toddler and infant twins. I’ll be sharing my adventures as I attempt to navigate the challenges of working full-time, parenting three children under age three, house-hunting, moving…and finding time to sleep.


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  1. Lauren July 12, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Good luck! Moving is a challenge in itself but with 3 young kiddies I can only imagine!

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