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How My Second Pregnancy is Different from My First

How My Second Pregnancy is Different from My First

Ready or not, Zoe is going to be a big sister in a few short months. Aside from the normal panic related to having two children under age two, I’ve noticed that I am a lot more low-key about this pregnancy than my last. Of course, some things are still the same – like the lack of food cravings and my affinity for maternity pants – but there are some key differences that I thought I’d share.

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Second Pregnancy: How It’s Different From My First

1. I have definitely eaten things that I avoided the first time around and have opted for more caffeinated drinks than normal. I remember forcing myself to drink a spinach/kale/apple/pineapple/pear concoction every day with Zoe so I could make sure I was getting enough nutrients. I also made sure I ate tons of fruits and took my prenatal vitamin every single day. I can’t tell you the last time I took a prenatal, or even thought about juicing.

2. With Zoe, I was sick for eight consecutive months and had to take daily medication in order to properly function. While I have been sick this time around, luckily it doesn’t even compare to before. I always heard that morning sickness gets worse with each subsequent pregnancy…maybe this is a sign that it is a boy?

3. I didn’t think that my “mom schedule” and evenings could get any more depressing, but they have. My husband and I used to go out to eat a lot before Zoe arrived. Then our nights turned into the only time we could get things done around the house. Now, I am so tired by 5 p.m. that I look forward to putting Zoe to bed for the night at 6:30 p.m. so that I can go to bed right after. Sadly, I am in bed every single night by 7 p.m. I can’t even watch my favorite shows on DVR because there is just not enough time.

4. Over Thanksgiving I was asked how far along I am and when my due date is. Now, when I was pregnant with Zoe, I could instantly respond to that question but in this case, I had to take out my phone and open a pregnancy tracker app in order to be able to answer the question. Afterwards, I was shocked that I didn’t know those dates off the top of my head. Even now as I write this post, I can’t remember how far along I am and when my exact due date is.

5. Lastly, I’d say that at about 15 weeks with Zoe, I already had a stockpile of toys and gender-neutral outfits. I had already started decorating the nursery and knew which baby products I was going to register for. As of today, I have not purchased one single thing for this baby and I haven’t even begun to think about baby names. It’s not that I am not excited or filled with anticipation; it is just that running around after a toddler makes it hard to get anything else done!

I will say that one thing I am looking forward to is being more confident in myself and in my skills once the baby is here. I was so nervous and scared bringing Zoe home…worried I wouldn’t know how to care for a newborn. I would Google every single question I had and ask everyone for advice. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to having a newborn again and trusting myself and my instincts from the start.

How about you? Was your second pregnancy much different from your first?


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