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The Most Important Things About Being a Grandparent

The Most Important Things About Being a Grandparent

My husband and I are the proud grandparents of three wonderful girls. Recently our son and his wife gave birth to our first grandson. What an amazing experience it is to meet the children of your children for the first time. Let your imagination run wild for a moment and put yourself in my shoes as I recently watched my husband hold our grandson for the first time:

Grandpa and grandson - Important parts of grandparenting

It’s a lot like holding your own baby for the first time but the awe is different. Your own child just did the most amazing thing in their lives and now you are holding this tiny baby who will forever be a part of your life, your legacy, your history. Your heart pumps smiles through your entire body.

Both my husband and I have fond memories of our grandparents and our parents as grandparents. That’s one of the best things about being a grandparent – you’ve had a lifetime to decide what’s important to you. Here are the things we think are important for us as grandparents.

Grandparenting: What’s Most Important to Me

  • When we are with our grandchildren we are really with our grandchildren. We listen to their stories, we read books…we do what they want to do.
  • We value and recognize the way our children raise their own children.
  • We don’t give parenting advice unless we are asked.
  • We respect the parenting decisions of our children.
  • We have family dinners on Sunday.
  • We invite our grandchildren to spend the night.
  • We are excited to learn from our children and our grandchildren.
  • We know that we’ll make mistakes. When we do we are gracious.
  • Gifts given to grandchildren should be meaningful…for us handmade gifts are the best.

Three generations going for a walk

As with parenting there are no rule books for being a grandparent. There are books with advice and ideas, but there is no definitive way to grandparent. The guidelines above are working well for us but we are always open to ideas and discussion about grandparenting.

What do you like about the way your own parents grandparent your children? What do you wish they would do differently?

Editor’s NoteWe’re discussing all-things grandparenting on The Family Room Blog this week! Read more posts about grandparents and don’t forget to celebrate Grandparents Day with the special grandmothers and grandfathers in your life on Sunday, September 7.


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