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Important Things I Learned From My Dad

Important Things I Learned From My Dad

My dad, my sister and my granddaughter have February birthdays. My sister’s birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day. As a child I always thought it was great that I got presents on my sister’s birthday. It’s fun to celebrate three generations of birthdays in one month. Each event is different, but the biggest one is for my dad. For many years Dad has celebrated his birthday for the entire month of February. Dad will be 97 this month and he still walks for exercise every day. He’s had a very full life of challenges and successes. Dad is the most impressive man I have ever known. He’s wise and kind, funny and thoughtful, and above all a role model for marriage and living life to its fullest.

A couple of years ago I sent my dad a list of things I have learned from him. This year the list will be used as a part of his birthday celebration hosted by his assisted living facility. I’m sure as they read the list at the party everyone there will recognize that they have also learned these things from my dad. He’s steadfast to his values.

Elderly man and grandchildThings I Learned from My Dad:

  • Say hi to everyone
  • Be proud of your children
  • You can survive more than you think
  • Think about the feelings of others
  • Follow direction
  • A positive attitude serves you well
  • It’s ok to cry
  • Enjoy people
  • Laugh a lot
  • Walk every day
  • Accept your age graciously and with pride
  • Save your money
  • Stay busy
  • Plan ahead
  • Do nice things for other people
  • Be a friendly customer
  • Hide the biggest present and save it for last
  • Don’t dilly-dally
  • Treasure handmade gifts
  • A great marriage lasts forever
  • Appreciate what others do for you and your family


Happy Birthday Dad, Cherri and Sofia!


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