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In Boston, the Rain, Rain Won’t Go Away

Maybe you’ve heard that in Boston, we’ve just had the rainiest June on record since 1903. And the first few days of July have not shown any improvement. I simply can’t look at the pool as half full right now. All I want to do is rant, so here it goes:

  1. At first we made the best of it. We built forts, baked cookies, visited the local museums. Now we are simply stir crazy. Our new play structure is teasing us through the misty windows; our hammock looks like it will take three years to dry out.
  2. My son asked me this morning why the clouds haven’t stopped crying.
  3. I used to live in Seattle. If I wanted grey skies and frizzy hair every day I would have stayed.
  4. I am tired of my friends in other parts of the country complaining about the heat. I would rather be looking for ways to escape the heat than trying to come up with yet another rainy-day activity.
  5. My kids are going to grow out of their bathing suits before they’ve even had a chance to wear them.
  6. We were going to camp out in our backyard, make s’mores, and explore local hiking trails this weekend. Instead, we will probably be making forts, baking cookies, and exploring local museums…again and again.

So please, please, if you have any ideas of how we can brighten our spirits that have become so very dampened, let me know!

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