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Tips for Juggling Children’s Sports & Activities

Tips for Juggling Children’s Sports & Activities

I’ve long believed in the saying “It takes a village” when it comes to raising children. In fact, to this day you will hear me reflect on my time at a Bright Horizons child care center. They were the heart of my village for the nearly seven years my children attended.

My “village” has recently evolved, largely because of my children’s sports and activities! With one child playing softball, one playing baseball, a First Communion looming, after-school extracurricular activities and golf lessons around the corner, I need a village to get it all done. This week we have baseball or softball five days, plus two rehearsals for First Communion and the normal extracurricular activities two days per week.

Recently, it occurred to a friend and I that we truly needed to be in two places at once. Thankfully she had the foresight to point this out which left us time to plan a tag team approach. I picked up the girls and brought them to First Communion rehearsal while she picked up the boys from karate. The only reason this works is that lucky for us-and I mean REALLY lucky for us-all of our kids are on the same teams and both our girls have the same First Communion date.

With all these pressing activities, places to be, and things to do, our family’s stress levels are high at home these days. Often, one of us snaps at a moment’s notice. It’s made me think: I didn’t sign my kids up for activities and sports they love because I wanted or needed more stress. I did it because I wanted it to be fun and for them to get some exercise and socialize. The stress is taking the fun out of it. And so I’ve made a commitment to keep patience at the forefront.

Mary and her son at his little league game

6 Tips for Juggling Children’s Sports & Activities

I’m only a few years into this craziness but here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Siblings going to campGet help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  2. Keep your patience. When you feel yourself losing it, stop. Pause for a moment and take a breath. Put things back into perspective.
  3. Organization is key. Have all of the equipment in one bag and keep it there between practices!)
  4. Splurge on not-so-healthy meals. Sometimes you’ll need to sacrifice a well-balanced meal. Don’t feel guilty! An occasional take-out pizza night is allowed.
  5. Review calendars regularly. Here are some of my tips for managing your family calendar.
  6. Have fun! – This is most important. be sure to have fun and make sure your kids are having fun too!

How about you? How do you juggle multiple children’s sports and activities in your household and maintain your sanity?

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