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Keeping in Touch With Relatives Far Away

Keeping in Touch With Relatives Far Away

Almost two years ago now, we moved to be closer to our families. It’s been great having them nearby for things like weekend trips to the museum, Superbowl parties and babysitting (thank goodness for the babysitting). But when my boys were really little, we lived almost two hours away. We tried to get home as much as we could, but there were lots of everyday things that grandparents, aunts and uncles missed out on. So, we had to resort to a few few different methods of keeping in touch with relatives who were far away.

Ways to Keep in Touch with Long-Distance Relatives

Skype. A great way to keep in touch was with Skype. Now both of the grandmas have iPhones with Facetime, but back then, Skype was our best option. It did require a few tutorials, and lots of “I can’t see you, but I can hear you, can you see me?” kinds of conversations but once everyone got the hang of it the boys were able to read bedtime stories with their grandparents, show off pieces of artwork from school or give a tour of our newly painted kitchen. On the flip side, I got to see things like my niece’s first (or close to first) steps and my nephew’s new haircut or sneakers. While I much more appreciate being able to do all that in person now, Skype was a great way to us to keep in touch.

Blogging. I started a blog when Max was a baby. He had a lot of medical problems from 3 months on so this was the best way for us to keep distant friends and family informed on his health and development, complete with photos and videos. It really served as his virtual baby book of sorts. Eventually, once Ben was born and life just got too busy, this fell by the wayside, but it served its purpose while it existed.

Web Albums. We created monthly photo albums in Picasa. Each month I’d send a link to that month’s photos so our parents and siblings could keep up on normal family activities like trips to the zoo or early morning (very early morning) trips to the diner or grocery story. Again, nothing major or special, but nice for everyone to see each month.

Old-Fashioned Phone Calls. And I will admit that one time, at a rock bottom moment, when my husband was traveling and I just couldn’t handle a tantrumming Max one. more. minute. I called my mom in tears and begged her to please just talk to him for a few minutes. So you know, the phone is a good way to keep in touch too.


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