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How Are You Keeping It Together During These Stressful Times?

How Are You Keeping It Together During These Stressful Times?

If you’ve been tuning into the news lately, chances are you’re feeling unsettled. And if you’re also trying to parent while working from home, you’ve probably moved right over into stress territory.

Even with the world upside down, there are ways to find calm in small moments throughout the day. Members of the Bright Horizons family are sharing ways they find peace and happiness amidst the chaos. Here’s what they had to say.

Weathering the Storm

“First, even if it is raining or snowing, we go outside every day. My children are little (6 and 2), and I can see the energy tingling through their body. Getting outside for even a little while helps them (and me!) stay sane. Second, my husband and I always give each child 15 minutes alone with one of us. This gives them some special time with us and ensures that we are also checking in to make sure that they are ok. Last, we are doing some (age-appropriate) challenges with our kids. From exercise to LEGO, we are working on ways to keep them entertained and have some fun.” – Tara

“We try to get outside after dinner during the week, and take long family walks on the weekends. Getting some fresh air and exercise has helped everyone de-stress.” – Evan

“I’m taking the opportunity to do some of the things that I claimed I “didn’t have time for” before, when I had a long commute and other places to be. For example, tackling my storage closets, organizing the basement, and starting a book club with my fiancé. It makes me feel productive, and that I have some semblance of control in this uncertain time. My Labrador/Terrier mix, Seamus, is also reminding me to take advantage of fair-weather days and get outside for frequent walks around the neighborhood.” – Kate

“When the weather doesn’t allow for adventures outside, we bring the fun indoors. I pick out my favorite songs and some of my 2-year-old’s, and we parade around the house! My son grabs his little shopping cart and wiggles as he walks, the baby will wave her arms, and it is a nice 10-minute break from our survival-mode parenting.” – Amanda

“ZOOM has been great to connect with familiar faces, and I make sure to text at least one doctor, teacher, emergency personnel, or other frontline worker friend every day to check in on them and thank them for their work.” – Naoko

We wish everyone well and hope that you’re staying safe and healthy during this unnerving time.

And if you have any additional tips for staying sane while you’re spending more time at home, please share below!

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