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Kid-friendly Cooking: Meals & Recipes to Cook with Children

Kid-friendly Cooking: Meals & Recipes to Cook with Children

How do you involve kids in cooking activities, food prep or kitchen chores? Today the Family Room bloggers are sharing their favorite meals and recipes to prepare with children. Whether it’s coming up with dinner ideas, helping to measure ingredients or pitching in during clean up, there are so many ways to enjoy time in the kitchen with little ones.

Cooking with Kids: Recipes to Make with Children

Girl eating spaghetti dinnerAllison: Spaghetti and meatballs. My daughter LOVES all things pasta and it’s such an easy meal to make. I used to make it with my own grandmother as a child, so it definitely brings back memories. We boil the spaghetti, she helps season and form the meatballs, we put them in the oven, pour our special sauce into a pan, drain the spaghetti, mix it all together, and wa-laa –  our dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes! Getting her to help me wash all the dishes is the hard part.

Mary: My kids love to bake cookies. They like when we make sugar cookies so they can cut them and decorate them. They like M&M chocolate chip cookies because they like to put the M&Ms in the individual cookies (we don’t mix these in). They like to make peanut butter blossoms because they actually enjoy opening all those Hershey Kiss wrappers. Most of all, they love to bake so they can lick the bowl!

Child cracking eggs and cookingAmy: I love to cook with my kids but, sadly, don’t often get the chance to do it because we get so busy and time constrained. One of our favorite family cooking activity is making pizza. We usually make one large-sized pizza and then the kids make individual-sized ones for themselves so they can add whatever toppings they want. In the summer months, we’ll even cook pizza on the grill.

Media Mom: My daughter loves to check out cookbooks from the school library so anything she chooses is fun for us to do together, especially desserts where she has a chance to improvise. Often when we have very little food in the house, we’ll play our own version “Chopped” for dinner. I’ll throw some pasta in a pot and challenge my daughter to find some ingredients to add to it. We had an awesome pasta dish with burst grape tomatoes, frozen peas, and shredded parmesan just a few nights ago while playing our version of Chopped.

Looking for more kid-friendly recipes to experiment with at home? Check out all the great dishes in our Family Recipes series.


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