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Simple and Unique Ideas for Kids Birthday Favors

Simple and Unique Ideas for Kids Birthday Favors

When it comes to kids birthday parties, simple is the theme for me. My two children’s birthday fall a day apart in October which also happens to be our busiest month. After accounting for sports, school, my birthday and Halloween, my husband and I aim to make things as simple as possible when planning birthday celebrations. And this is especially true for kids birthday party favors. Frankly, I wish we could do away with them but my daughter is fairly insistent that they are a “must have” item. If they’re that important to her, who am I to rain on her birthday party parade. So we give out birthday party favors but I insist on guiding the selection. If it were up to Olivia, we’d buy out the whole favor aisle at the party store with lots of candy and little toys that break in a day. I opt for party favors that are a little more unique but still simple to pull off.

Simple & Unique Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Favors

Here are the birthday favors we’ve given out for Olivia’s kids parties:

  • Cookie Mix in a Jar: For her first kids party at age 4, I hosted a cooking party at home with a few friends. I borrowed the Cookie Mix in a Jar idea from my bridal shower thinking it went perfectly with the theme. It required a bit more assembly than I prefer but it was worth it!
  • Popcorn Pops: Olivia’s 5th birthday party was a movie at home. For party favors, we made popcorn pops: popcorn and melted marshmallows shaped into a ball, decorated, and placed on a craft stick.
  • Decorate a Gourd Craft: For her Halloween-themed arts & crafts party, we bought a bunch of felt stickers, googly eyes and other items from the craft store and gave away gourds that we picked during our yearly pumpkin picking outing.
  • Adopt a Puppy: This year’s party was at a trampoline park but my daughter wanted a dog theme. I found this cute idea on Pinterest to place stuffed animals in a basket with the sign “Adopt a Puppy.” It was a big hit for this age group – with both girls and boys!

Kids Birthday Party Favors

Here are a few others that I have on my list for future birthday parties:

  • Bookmark Kit: Fellow Family Room blogger, Commuter Mom, gave these favors away for her daughter’s birthday. The favor bag including components to make your own bookmark – blank bookmark, ribbons, buttons, paper decorations, glue, etc.
  • Personalized Placemats: Blogger Mary made these adorable personalized placemats for her children’s birthdays.
  • Rainbow Paint:  I love this idea because it’s bright, colorful and can be used for any theme party.
  • Monster Play-doh: Such a cute idea for my son for a birthday party favor or to bring to his child care center on his birthday rather than food.

Kids Birthday Party Favors

Do you give out birthday party favors? If so, what unique ideas do you have to share?



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