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Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Part Two

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Part Two

Last week, I wrote about the ongoing Halloween costumes struggle I had trying to figure out what Liam wanted to dress up as this year. This week, I’m back with a happy ending and the lesson I learned in the process. As I wrote last week, after weeks of questioning, Liam finally declared he wanted to be an orange dinosaur, a costume I couldn’t seem to find anywhere. All he talked about last week was dressing up as an orange dinosaur to the point that I resigned myself to making an orange dinosaur costume or at least a semi-homemade version starting with something like an orange sweatsuit. What can I say, I’m the Sandra Lee of craft projects. I even called in sewing reinforcements – my mom – for backup.

Monster Halloween Costume for KidsThen, a magical thing happened. I got an email from Old Navy featuring an adorable little orange monster costume on sale that day for – wait for it – only $5. It was a one-day costume sale no doubt designed to attract slacker parents like myself to the store. From the looks of it, the monster costume could pretty easily be transformed into a dinosaur costume and for five bucks for the full fleece pant and hoodie set, I knew I couldn’t beat the price.

I was relieved to have found something to work with, but that wasn’t even the most amazing part. Liam came with me to pick up the costume and instantly fell in love with the orange monster suit just as it was. To be honest, at first I was somewhat conflicted. But then, like Crafty Mom a few years back, I thought about the freedom having the costume thing DONE would allow for and decided to leave it alone.

Since then, Liam has been or has wanted to be in his costume constantly. He wears it around the house, he wore it to his grandparents’ house, and he even wore it while doing errands on the way to his grandparents’. It’s amazing how much more fun a trip to BJ’s is when you’re joined by a tiny orange monster. We’ve even been calling him the Liamonster.

Orange Monster Halloween CostumeDoes this mean I’ll never make a costume again? Probably not. But it was a good reminder not to sweat the small stuff so much with Liam. And, to remember that Liam’s pretty flexible – more flexible than I often give him credit for. All he talked about was an orange dinosaur but when he saw the orange monster, he was cool with it. It’s a personality trait worth nurturing and one I could sometimes stand to model more myself.


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