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Lego® for Girls

When I was a little girl, (okay maybe not so little, age 8-12) I was obsessed with Legos®.  I had a four story shelf in my bedroom that was covered in completed sets.  While most girls were saving for Barbie’s, make-up or dolls, I babysat and did chores to earn money to buy Legos.  It never bothered me that Legos were geared towards boys, I just loved to spend hours putting them together.  And you guessed it, I was exceptionally careful and organized with my Lego sets.  Many of them are still in their original boxes in my basement (and they’ve come in handy on occasion when my nephews come over to visit). I really think all my years playing with Legos helped me developed so many skills:  I learned about construction and design, they helped me build math and pattern skills, enhanced my ability to be creative, taught me how to follow complex directions and because I bought many of my Lego sets with my own money, I learned how to take care of my belongings.

Flash forward. For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she received her first Lego set.  It was small set, but she was far more excited than I ever expected. I know how rare it is for a girl to be really into Legos so I was thrilled that my daughter appeared to share my interest.

Shortly after getting her first set, my daughter came home with this note for Santa (right).  My mother-in-law said she would get her this “dream set” and I searched for other girl’s sets to add to her collection. While I searched for sets, I couldn’t find anything designed for girls. Was I missing something?  How come there weren’t any Lego sets for girls?  I know from growing up there wouldn’t be a lot of pink Legos but I was surprised that from the time I was a little girl until now, Lego had yet to expand their line to more girl-friendly designs.

Just 2 weeks after Christmas I was thrilled to see that Lego has finally created a line just for girls called Lego® Friends.  I bought 2 sets today–one for my niece and one for my daughter for Valentine’s Day.  I have yet to open the box (even though I REALLY want to) but I hope these Lego sets will be just as challenging as the boy-themed sets.  Kudos Legos!   Thank you for creating something that is appropriate for girls and helps them to develop some excellent skills while having fun.

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