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Lessons From My First Year as a Mom

Lessons From My First Year as a Mom

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since my daughter was born. Those first weeks with a newborn seem like yesterday. I can honestly say that this first year as a mom was one of the hardest but also one of the happiest years of my life. Throughout the past year, Zoe has learned to smile, laugh, clap her hands, wave, crawl and can even take a few steps on her own. She can say ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, and doggie. She is a good sleeper (once you can actually get her down…but we’ve come a long way!), she loves daycare, and is she’s a very good eater. She’s surviving the challenges of teething and has four teeth already! That is a lot of accomplishments for a year. My heart feels like it has grown ten sizes this past year and I thought I’d share a few a personal lessons I’ve learned in my first year as a parent and working mother.

Newborn baby Zoe

My First Year as a Mom: What I Learned

1. The little moments are the best. Nothing is better than being the first person Zoe sees when she gets up in the morning. She is on cloud nine – full of giggles, smiles, and she claps her hands when she sees me. I wish I could start every day like that.

2. Embrace your new post-baby schedule. A fun night doesn’t necessarily include dinner & drinks anymore. My husband and I used to eat out a lot. We loved going to restaurants and lingering over long meals and drinks. These days, I love getting home from work and sitting outside with Zoe. We set up her water table or simply crawl around on the grass. These are now my best nights.

3. Don’t Google everything. Well, sometimes Googling is ok but I tend to over-Google things a lot. This has worked against me on occasions when Zoe seems to be getting sick (could it be Typhoid fever? The Bubonic Plague? Smallpox?!). Over time, I’ve learned to trust myself. I follow my gut, listen to the doctor and it things are always ok in the end (i.e. She wasn’t dying of Cholera).

4. Approach every new activity with excitement. Zoe now looks at me for reassurance. She looks unsure when she tries new things but I have found that if I act super excited about it, she likes it even more. This approach has drastically improved our bath nights.

5. Don’t be a hero. I can’t do it all and I have learned to put myself first sometimes and ask for help when I need to. Plus, it’s good for Zoe that she gets to spend time with other people.

6. Learn to go with the flow. Zoe’s favorite ‘toys’ include the dogs’ water bowl, an empty box (we still have plenty around from our recent move), a magazine, or a plastic bottle…and that is ok with me.

Was your first year as a mom full of “ah-ha” moments like mine? What did you learn?


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