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Life: 1, Green Mom: 0

Night One: Up at 2:00 a.m. for 2 hours, change soaked through diaper and pajamas, feed bottle

Night Two: Repeat above (Dad), Sleep with toddler in his bed after he wakes up screaming (Mom)

Day Three: Order Overnight diapers and push as much food as possible during the day

Night Three: See Nights One and Two

Night Four: Up at 4:00 a.m. and sleep on rocker in nursery

Night Five: Repeat

Day 6: Baby wakes up with fever, call in sick from work, take baby to doctor. Ear infection

Night 6: Sleep in rocker

Day 7: Baby still has fever. Work from home and tag team with Dad, takes both of us to give him Amoxicillin (one to hold him down, one to pry open his mouth)

Nights 7, 8: See previous Nights

Day 9: Toddler starts putting hands in mouth and not eating

Day 10: Notice posted at child care center, 1 case of Coxsackie virus reported

Day 11: Toddler wakes up with blisters in his mouth, call doctor, Coxsackie virus, immediately spikes fever

Day 13: Mom wakes up with Conjunctivitis

Day 14: Morning: Amoxicillin caused diaper explosion, just as we’re finishing breakfast. Get baby in bathtub.  Afternoon: Child care center calls, toddler has broken out in hives all over face. Trip to the doctor at 6:20 p.m., no definitive answer. Could be the Coxsackie virus, could be developing an allergic reaction to seizure medication. Super!

Day 15: Another diaper explosion before work but does not require bath. Phew.

Day 16: Green Mom starts researching dream vacations.

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