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Listen To The Little Stuff

This morning as we were rushing through our morning routine, I was responding to an email on my blackberry.  My daughter kept saying “MOM, MOM, MOM” and I kept quickly typing away.  I was almost done.  She finally walked up to me and pulled my hands and blackberry down to get my attention.  “Mom, come quick, you have to see!”  She was so excited to show me all of the activity on our deck this morning.  The dragonfly on the chair, the bird sitting on the post and the other bird flying to the feeder.  “Shhh….” she said.  “We don’t want to scare them away!”  Her brother came loudly running. “What? What is it Maddie?”  “Shhhh…” she said.  And there we were, the three of us watching the animals on the deck enjoying their morning routine.  The moment brought a smile to my face.  So often I tune my children out as I’m on my blackberry or iPhone, checking email or playing games.  Partially because for them, almost everything needs immediate attention and sometimes I have things to attend to on my little devices.  Their lack of patience is incredible to me.  But, it’s moments like these that remind me that sometimes it’s good to at least listen to their request before prejudging to tune them out until I’m ready to give them my full attention.  In this case, I could have missed the moment.

I received another reminder this morning, thanks to a co-worker who shared a very important message with me she found on the Spiritually Speaking blog.

A message I think all parents should consider and remember.

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