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B: “Mama! Why is there a coffee cup on the ground”

M: “Someone waiting for the bus left it there”

B: “Why?”

M: ” I don’t know bud. Litter is not very nice for Mother Nature is it?”

B: “Yeah. They need to put that in the trash.”

And so began Ben’s quest to rid the world of litter. Ben is definitely the most earth conscious of my two children. I’ve written before about his announcement about Dora yogurt, and he knows that there are certain restaraunts we don’t eat at because they “have chemicals”. But recently, he’s become consumed with picking up litter. He finds it everywhere. He points it out on the street while we’re driving, he points it out in parking lots and on our front yard.  On our recent vacation, we had to carry an empty bag with us so he could pick up all the litter en route to the beach each day. His cousin even got into it by screaming “BENNY!! Litter!” every time he saw something on the ground.

picking up litter

We do prohibit him from picking up food items and cigarette butts but have gotten used to having to stop suddenly so he can pick up trash. I do swell with pride when he does it and hope the habit continues. I kind of hope it’s like that commercial for an insurance company (I think) where one person sees someone doing something nice so  he does something nice and the chain continues. Maybe if someone sees him cleaning up the Earth, they’ll want to do the same.

What do your kids do to help take care of Mother Nature?

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