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Little Mouse, Little Mouse

My daughter learned a game called Little Mouse, Little Mouse at a friend’s house. I have never heard of the game but she loves it. After trying to explain it to me with no luck (in a way that only she can), she promptly sat down at the counter and proceeded to make a handmade version of the game for us to play as a family. She drew, she colored, she cut and voila, a game that she and her sister seem equally interested in playing.

mouse house

The game is quite simple, you hide the mouse under a house and the other people guess where it is hiding. But they have to say, “Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Where are you? Are you in the red house?” This is very important and don’t try to just move on to “Are you in the yellow house?” No. You must say the whole phrase. Once you guess correctly, you get to hide the mouse. When playing with a two-year-old, I highly recommend guessing the right house last even if the mouse is partially hanging out of the house. Kids can be so darn cute when they think they are tricking you.The girls were very happy with our paper version but I thought it would be fun to make a version out of felt. Our paper mouse is not lying quite as flat as he once did and that is making it too easy for some people to find him and frustrating for others to hide him (ahem). While I was at it, I made up a version for my niece and tied it together with a ribbon and the instructions.

mouse 1

I am still amazed by how such a simple game can be so fun so I didn’t want to mess with the simplicity. I just wanted to make it a little more durable. It was really as easy as buying colored felt and cutting out the houses and a mouse. This is a project that anyone can do and it takes no time at all. And it can certainly be adapted or added to if you wanted to glue or stitch windows or doors on.

Speaking of felt and mice, there’s a new craft book making its way around the blog circuit: Kata Golda’s Handstiched Felt. I want it so badly because it looks like it has some great projects to do as holiday gifts for children. There is a cute video here.

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