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What I Love about My Child’s Preschool

What I Love about My Child’s Preschool

As you probably know, I am a Bright Horizons employee as well as a parent. What you may not know is that I sought employment at Bright Horizons because it’s important for me to work for a company that shares my inherent passion for educating young children. When your child is in daycare or child care for roughly 250 days per year, it means I also need to have confidence in the programs and trust that my child is getting the best care and education as he grows from a baby to a toddler to a preschooler. Building that trust and confidence is a series of experiences that are nurtured over time. A big contributor is simply learning what Owen does every day by reading the daily “What in the World Happened Today” curriculum emails. I L-O-V-E these daily emails. In fact, they are essential to my relationship with my son. I use them as conversation starters with Owen so he can share about his day, a tradition we have during family dinners.

After 240 of these a year, however, it’s sometimes easy for me to take for granted the amazing educational experiences highlighted each day. And how his teachers integrate curriculum areas into a series of projects on a theme. Then, I get one where I just say, “Wow! That’s truly awesome.” This happened last week. It was a few days after a blizzard dropped 33+ inches of snow in my hometown. After seeing the playgrounds covered in feet of white snow, I figured it would be a long time before the kids would go outside at the child care center. Boy, was I wrong!

Here is what I read on that bleak winter’s day and what I love about my child’s preschool:

Language Works:
Today we read the book Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds. This is a story about a young artist named Marisol. While making a mural at school, Marisol finds that there is no blue paint to make the sky. On her adventures throughout the day Marisol discovered that the sky can be many different colors of the rainbow. Miss Tammy shared a photo of a colorful sky and we discussed all of the colors that we could see.

Math Counts:
For our math activity, we all took turns rolling a giant die. After each turn, we all counted the corresponding dots to see what number it was. The number that each child rolled will have a place in the art project of the day! Everyone seemed very excited while counting the dots.

After rolling the die and everyone being assigned a number, each child participated in making our own sky mural in the snow banks! Each child used their small and large motor strength to squeeze three different spray bottles with three different colors for the number of times that they rolled on the die. Just a few children needed a bit of assistance with the spray bottle. However, they all seemed to really get a kick out of painting in the snow!

Question of the Day: What did you think about making a sky mural in the snow? (Names omitted)
Child 1: “I like how it’s so beautiful and how everyone squirted different colors.”
Child 2: “Those colors are almost like the little children.”
Child 3: “We painted and it looks like the people are so happy because it’s beautiful.”
Owen: “It looks like a farm cow that lives with a farmer.”
Child 4:“Ya, I like it.”
Child 5: “Because I have every color paint at home.”
Child 6: “They look like snowmen.”
Child 7: “Ummm, we sprayed.”
Child 8: “Paint blue green.”

What struck me about this project in particular, despite the fact that I love this book, is how different curriculum elements were used for the project as a whole and how the kids got to share and react to the experience. At the heart of problem-solving – a skill everyone needs – is the ability to look at all sides of the project from different perspectives and communicate about it. This is real life skills being nurtured! And that’s what our Bright Horizons preschool does every day for my son and what I love about it.

And my second favorite part of these daily emails…the answers to the Question of the Day. I love preschoolers – they say the best things!


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