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It’s common, as a mom of a child with special needs, to be constantly reminded about all of the things that are different about my son. Recently, at his IEP Meeting for preschool, I was struggling with the fact that I was sitting around a table with 8 other people and all they were doing was listing systematically what was wrong with my son. I know they were there to help, but I had a hard time holding back the tears.

I recently came across a blog post where the writer, a mom of a son who had a stroke at birth, made a list of all she felt lucky for regarding her children. It inspired me to do the same and I’d love to hear what you feel lucky about, special needs or not.

1. I feel lucky that my son’s smile can light up the room. I think it helps everyone want to help him.

2. I feel lucky that my son will not remember his week long hospital stay and all of the testing that came with it.

3. I feel lucky that he doesn’t know he’s not a “typical” learner. He has no idea that developmentally, he’s almost a year behind his chronological age.

Lucky4. I feel lucky that I have a child care center that is willing to have Early Intervention specialists come into their class rooms at least twice a week; that his teachers listen to the suggestions of those specialists and make the classroom a safe and nurturing environment for him.

5. I feel lucky that slowly, very very slowly, he is teaching me patience, though sometimes that is not evident…especially if you run into us at the grocery store.

6. I feel lucky that my younger son marvels at his brother. That no matter what it is, he wants to copy and learn from him (good and bad).

7. I feel lucky that because my older son has to work so hard at everything he learns- jumping, talking, holding a spoon- that my husband and I take great joy when he achieves something or learns a new skill. On the flip side, I feel lucky that my almost one year old seems to have an easy time at things and we can marvel at how amazing we think he is. It’s kind of like being a first time parent all over again.

8. I feel lucky that we’ve discovered Blues Clues, and that it comes on at 7:00 a.m. , the perfect time during our morning routine, and that my sons love Steve, Joe and the mail song almost as much as they love me.

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