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How to Make a Morning Routine Chart for Kids

How to Make a Morning Routine Chart for Kids

What is it like to get two kids out the door each morning fully dressed, having eaten breakfast with bags packed for the day? I’m quite sure I’m not alone in saying…the struggle is real.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different approaches to getting my girls up and out each day. They typically wake up with plenty of time to get it all done, but I find that we’re still running around in the last five minutes with me yelling out reminders like “did everyone brush their teeth?” and “SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!”

The Magic of The Morning Routine Chart

One thing that I’ve learned is that I have to find the right balance of giving them choices, autonomy and control over their morning and me telling them constantly what needs to get done. The happy middle has come via a morning routine chart of items that have to happen every day.

I have one child that can read and one that can’t so instead of creating two charts, I make one that also has pictures (I’m no artist – but my four year old doesn’t seem to care!). The checklist is very basic, but it serves as reminders to what needs to happen to get out the door. They each take great pleasure in checking off items as they go.  I found that “Wake Up” is one they consistently like to have since they get to check something off immediately. I change the list of items slightly week to week (sometimes there is “Pack Backpack” or “Brush Hair”) so that they don’t get complacent. I add in fun/sweet items which also rotate and often make them giggle and enjoy the morning. Adding a quick dance party or cartwheel keeps the mornings fun.

I know that this morning routine chart won’t always work, but for now, it is helping us get out of the house in the morning with hair and teeth brushed, wearing shoes and ready for school. What do you do in the morning to help your kids get ready?


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