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“Me Time” for Moms & Dads: How Do You Spend It?

“Me Time” for Moms & Dads: How Do You Spend It?

“Me time”…the concept itself can almost seem like a fantasy for busy parents. But in order to attain a sense of balance in your on-the-go lifestyle, carving out some time for yourself now and again is so important.

If and when you get the chance to enjoy some “me time” how do you spend it? We asked some of the Family Room bloggers about their favorite ways to enjoy their ever-elusive free time.

How Do You Spend “Me Time” When You Have It?

Mom with her girlfriendsAmy: Most of my “me time” is spent outside the home, meeting up with friends or running “me” errands. When I do find time alone at home, I like to read or catch up on social media. An hour hiding in the bathroom with my Kindle goes a long way towards rejuvenating myself.

Allison: I have a list of all of the things I would like to do when I get some free time to myself, however, I usually end up doing absolutely nothing! Laying on the couch, catching up on TV, watching a movie or reading a book works for me.  I’ve been meaning to get a manicure and pedicure for the past 6 months – it just hasn’t happened yet. I vow to use my next couple hours of “me time” for just that. My daughter’s Frozen ‘Elsa blue’ nail polish and our imaginary nail salon in the corner of her bedroom just aren’t cutting it!

Media Mom: Grocery shopping. I admit it. I’m lame about “me time.” Just an evening when the kids are asleep and there is no pile of laundry or dirty dishes or lunches to be made is enough for me. But I vastly prefer grocery shopping by myself and will gladly trade in an hour of relaxation for an hour to shop for groceries by myself.

Mary: There is rarely genuine “me time” because I usually have a laundry list of to-do’s for any free time I may get. But if I force myself to actually take an hour, my go-to would be a massage whenever possible!

Heather: If the weather is nice, my favorite way to spend “me time” is spent outside gardening. I feel like I’m getting something accomplished and crossed off my to do list…and it always makes me feel better. Although, a glass of wine and a good book are awfully nice, too!

How about you? How do you spend your “me time” when you get the chance?


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