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Meal Plan: The Fresh 20

As an FYI: I was not asked to promote this service by anyone, but wanted to rave about it so I’m doing so on my own accord.

After a conversation about how to better divide up the household responsibilities, my husband offered to take over the meal planning, list making and grocery shopping. We usually tried to plan at least a few meals per week so we could do some prep over the weekend and be more prepared during the week. That worked maybe one sometimes two weeks per month and the others were fend for yourselves kind of dinners.  So, when I received an email about The Fresh 20 Meal Planning service I forwarded it to my husband and he signed up immediately. Personally,  I think he got the easy end of the deal because I still do all the laundry, but now he gets a ready made shopping list and meal plan delivered to his inbox each week!

So far the service has been amazing. It takes 20 fresh ingredients each week and creates 5 meals from them. The person creating the plans tries to stick with fruits and veggies that are in season so it coordinates nicely with items that are available at my farm stand. She also incorporates many ingredients more than once so you’re not stuck with a huge bunch of basil at the end of the week because you only needed 1 tsp for a recipe. This week for instance, burgers and fish sticks (homemade) were on the menu so the breadcrumbs for the fish were made by toasting and crushing a hamburger roll from the previous night’s meal. Genius! Most of the food has been really tasty and really easy to prep…more like a true 30 Minute Meal (because I never could make any of Rachael Ray’s in 30 minutes). I’m really happy with the meals and have been surprised at how much less we’re ordering out or resorting to mac and cheese.

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