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Memorable Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Memorable Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Still on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad, grandpa or the other special men in your family’s life? It can be challenging to come up with an idea for the perfect gift for dad. Looking back over the years, what is the most memorable Father’s Day gift you’ve given your own dad? Today, members of the Family Room blog team are sharing their own Father’s Day memories.

Father’s Day Gifts: The Most Memorable Gift I Gave My Dad Was…

Little girl and dad on Father's DayMorgan: A few years back I gave my dad a picture frame with two pictures – one of us from about 20 years earlier when I was around three years old and another that was more recent. For me, anything to do with pictures is always a solid choice. Nothing else can bring back a memory and hold sentimental value quite like photos can.

Kate: I find with my dad, the years that I took the time to write a thoughtful note were much more meaningful than anything I could have bought for him. Like a lot of dads, he’s a guy who doesn’t ask for much but definitely appreciates recognition for all he’s done for us and still does now that we’re adults.

Caty: The most memorable Father’s Day gifts my family has given my dad have always been “experience gifts” vs. actual products. Whether it be tickets to a sporting event, an all-day outing to do things he loves, or even a nice family dinner, time spent together on the day doing things as a family has always meant the most to my dad.

Mary: I’m not sure if it’s the most memorable, but I love to give my dad Vineyard Vines polos. He doesn’t shop for his own clothes, so this type of gift is always very appreciated!

Allison: My Dad is always so hard to shop for! My sisters and I have definitely given him every golf-related gift imaginable over the years. Once I had a daughter, gifting for Father’s Day became a lot easier. The most memorable gift I gave my dad was a photo of him and my daughter on a canvas. He hung it in his home and is always so proud to show it off to visitors. This year, my daughter made a frame that says “I Love Papa” and we’ll put another photo of them inside of it. I love photo gifts because they allow the memories to live on!

Media Mom: I can’t recall a single physical gift I gave my dad. I’m sure I gave him lots of ugly ties and mugs. But the best gift he gave me was teaching me how to do all sorts of practical things, from swimming to driving to fixing a toilet and changing a tire. My dad died too young, so he never got to meet my kids. But the gift I’ll give him is to pass on all that knowledge to my own kids in their lifetimes.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re in search of more Father’s Day gift ideas, look no further! We share DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that kids can makeFather’s Day gift ideas you can buy and Father’s Day gifts for grandpas.

Homemade Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dad and daughter on Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Grandpas

Share Your Father’s Day Photos & Win!

Share a photo of you with your dad or one of the other special men in your life (i.e. uncles, grandfathers), or you (or your spouse) with your children for a chance to win a special Father’s Day gift! Participation is easy! You can share your photos via:

Father's Day Photo ContestFacebook: Upload your photo to our Father’s Day app. Share your photo with your Facebook family and friends for additional chances to win.

Twitter: Tweet your photo and include #BHLovesDad.

Instagram: Instagram your photo and include #BHLovesDad.

One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to for dad and a children’s book pack of Father’s Day themed books!

This contest has now ended. Thank you to all who participated!


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