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Milestone: Getting My Child Her First Pair of Glasses

Milestone: Getting My Child Her First Pair of Glasses

I knew it would happen eventually, I just wasn’t sure when.”It” being the time when my nine year old daughter would need her first pair of glasses. The fact of the matter is I don’t exactly have great vision (I can often make people gasp when I share my prescription) and my husband also wears glasses/contacts.

Just a few weeks ago, my daughter began expressing frustration that she couldn’t see the math problems on the smart board at school. (Not to be confused with the “black board” as my daughter informed me they had black boards “in the olden days”.) Truth be told, her frustration wasn’t entirely out of left field; last year the school nurse told my husband and I that she didn’t pass the eye exam. But after a trip to the pediatrician, they told me she could see just fine using their eye chart. And she probably could.

Flash forward eight months later and things have deteriorated enough for her to complain about it. This time, less than a week after she’d complained about not being able to see the smart board, we were at my eye doctor’s office (now her doctor as well).


My husband gave her a great pep talk before her appointment. He told her to tell the truth and give the real answers, not what she thought the doctor wanted to hear. Following his advice, she often repeated, “and I can’t read anything after that.” Sometimes with one line left to go, sometimes with 2. This peripheral vision test… forget it, she failed miserably (although I think this has much more to do with her not being able to focus on the doctors eyes while the doctor flashed various fingers in varying locations of her peripheral.) She often read “C” as “O”, “E” as “B” and sometimes the letters she called out, made no sense at all.  It was heartbreaking for me to watch.

And then there was the Amsler Grid Test, which tests for macular degeneration. During the screening my daughter said she saw squiggly lines rather than straight ones. I was very surprised at first because it would be very unusual for her to have the disease at such a young age. So, in full disclosure, I showed her the test at home and she passed with flying colors. I think that’s the challenge with the vision tests with kids – they often don’t understand the purpose of the test and get a little confused.


11-6-15 First Pair of Glasses Inset

It was clear however, she needed glasses. I flashed back to when I was a child with glasses and how excited I was… at first. And then later how happy I was to finally get contacts. She’s lucky in that she has been instructed to only use them for the smart board and watching movies, but we all know, wearing them sporadically won’t last long. She will inevitably be wearing glasses or contacts for the rest of her life in just a matter of time.

Thankfully, glasses have come a long way since I was a kid. You don’t need to wear glasses as thick as a coke bottle and the styles are countless. She really wanted these pink glitter glasses, shaped as 50’s style cat eyes – just like her previous year Halloween costume. We settled on purple frames with a pink eye glass case. And so we’ll pick them up in a few days. In the meantime, she’s very excited to tell all her friends. I’ll savor it until the day she wishes she wore contacts.

Does your child have glasses? How was your experience?


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