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Mini Golfing with Kids for the First Time

Mini Golfing with Kids for the First Time

Little girl mini golfingNow that our kids are 7 and 5 years old, my husband and I decided we’d attempt to take them mini golfing during our summer vacation. A few days before vacation, I shared our plans with a co-worker. She said “bring a lot of patience and don’t expect to finish.” We were prepared. It was day two of overcast weather and with some free time before dinner we decided to head to Pirates Cove for mini golf.

The kids quickly picked their golf clubs based on color, not on the appropriate height. Changing their minds wasn’t really an option and honestly, with my friend’s voice in the back of my head, I decided if that was the most important part to them in order to make this a good experience, we’d roll with it. They both picked their golf balls (blue and pink to match the clubs) and off we went to the first hole.

It didn’t take long for my 7 year old to understand proper form, nor did it take her long to get her first hole-in-one. It was at hole #3! She was over the moon with excitement and her competitive side came out. She then became interested in the scoring at each subsequent hole. My son, on the other hand, couldn’t quite consistently hold the club correctly. One swing he was holding it as if he was a lefty, the next a righty. Sometimes he was trying to swing at the ball like a hockey puck and other times like the golf ball that it was. And often he would drag the ball into the hole instead of actually swinging the club at it. But all the visual stimulation (pirate ships, cannons, treasure chests and chatty pirates) kept him completely entertained.

Little boy mini golfingAnd then we hit hole #7 and the misty rain became an all out downpour. Thankfully our next hole took place in a “cave”. Despite the rain, my daughter insisted we continue. At this particular course, if it rains you can get a “rain check”, a free game to use at any time. We tried to explain to her in many ways the advantage of this. She asked if we could start right back up at hole 8 and when we said no, she had even less interest. Here I was with my nice SLR camera and white pants. There was no way a 7 year old and 5 year old were winning this battle. The rain poured down on us as we hovered under trees and I finally bribed the kids by saying if we left now, we could go into the Pirate Cove gift shoppe.

They agreed. So $30.00 on merchandise later (mostly t-shirts my husband and I wanted for the kids) we have coupons to return to Pirates Cove for another game. We also have two children that probably won’t want to wait until our next vacation to return, but at least they received a good intro to mini golf and we now know what to expect for next time. Not a bad first time after all!

Mini golfing with kids


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