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Model Baby: Potty Trained at 6 Months

There are a lot of things about supermodel Gisele Bundchen that make me want to puke. Here’s the latest: She claims that her son, at age 6 months, is potty trained. Seriously??! Just because you have figured out as a mom that your child poops regularly five minutes after feeding and you hold him over the toilet to do his business does not make him potty trained. It makes YOU potty trained. Congratulations.  See me in three years and let me know how it’s going then.

In all fairness, I have had the worst, longest, most complex and arduous potty training saga in the world, so if I seem a little bitter, I probably am. But I am happy to report that I think we’ve reached the peak of Mount Olympus, and let me tell you, the view is beautiful.  I’m not saying we’ll never encounter another puddle, but we finally have more dry days than wet ones.

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  1. lm July 24, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    This is actually not at a all a ridiculous claim. Often called “Elimination Communication” or “Infant Potty Learning,” this practice is done in many cultures around the world. It is different than potty-training and involves exactly what you said – paying attention to when you child regularly eliminates solid or liquid, and simply putting them on the potty at that time. This is not just by chance – you do indeed learn their patterns and they learn your cues, so you can quickly cue them to pee after nursing, eating, waking, etc. Children get used to it and they will learn to go on their own, or at least be out of diapers and go when led by their caregiver, much earlier than the style of potty training most often done today in the U.S. You can see for more information. It is a different approach, but one that works very well if you put in the time and attention. So yes, if she checks in with you in 3 years, I think she’ll be in a very different place than traditional US potty training, but not in the place you are suggesting. It is just a different – and perhaps gentler and more sanitary – process.

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