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Getting Ahead of Ourselves

It usually begins around mid-January. I start renting movies that take place in tropical locations. Fashion magazines begin showing their spring/summer collections. As I’m digging my car out of snow drifts or squeezing the kids into their snowsuits, I fantasize about driving with the windows down and basking in the sun with my children. I research camps, plan exotic summer vacations (that never make it past the planning stage), and even start counting the weeks until summer officially starts.

So why does it seem like so many people rush summer along? On July 4, at least three people I know said things like, “Can you believe it’s already July 4? Summer will be over before we know it.” I thought July 4 was supposed to mark the unofficial start of summer! And now that it’s August, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without someone remarking that the summer has flown by. Back-to-school promotions are old news by now, and last time I checked the school supplies at my favorite store were dwindling. I’M NOT READY!! I’m not ready to get back in the rhythm of school…packing six lunches each night for the next day, figuring out before- and after-school care, teacher conferences, homework, etc. I want to grind my heels in and slow down these last weeks of summer. And when it really is officially over I guess there’ll be only one thing to do…start dreaming about next summer.

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