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Sisterly Love

Modern Mom has big news — we’ve adopted another baby. Our latest addition is the happiest child I’ve ever met. He smiles easily and broadly, lighting up the room and warming my heart. But I’m afraid all that’s about to change.

My three-month idyll has come to a close, and it’s time to go back to work. That means baby will join his big sister at child care, which is a fabulous turn of events for her but not so much for him. In fact, his first day there he was inconsolable. The source of his angst? Not separation anxiety or fear of strangers. It was, in fact, watching another baby receive a bottle when it wasn’t my baby’s time to eat. Apparently, he’s a social eater (I don’t wonder where that came from!), and he just didn’t think it was fair that someone else could indulge if he couldn’t. So he cried and cried and the teachers couldn’t calm him down. Then help arrived in the form of my 3-year-old. Someone had the wonderful idea to bring her in from the preschool room. As soon as he saw her, he scurried right over and lay in her lap. (An interesting visual since despite the two year age difference he’s quite a bit bigger than she is.) If I couldn’t be there to soothe his soul and wipe his tears, I’m so glad my daughter could be. It gives me a huge sense of relief to know that they’re together each day…for the good times and the bad.


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