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The Truth Fairy…Part 2

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read any more if you believe in the tooth fairy.

When my son lost his first tooth, I asked around as to the going rate for this milestone and learned that there is a huge disparity in terms of what the tooth fairy leaves in different homes. My husband and I settled on an amount and left it wrapped in a special note from the fairy.

When his second tooth came out, my son started lobbying for a toy. He told me he knew that the tooth fairy is actually “the mommies and daddies.” I wavered for a minute but decided it was too soon to give in. I denied it, and whether or not he believed me, he played along. He wanted to know if I would be talking to the tooth fairy, and, if so, could I please tell her not to leave a note? He wanted me to remind her that he had already received a note, which, as he put it, was very special to him but he still had it and really didn’t need another one. He wanted to know if the tooth fairy would be able to tell if he was pretending to be asleep. He then proceeded to remind me approximately 752 times to remind the tooth fairy that he did not want a note and really wanted a toy.

Lo and behold, the next morning, my son found a brand new Bakugan toy under his pillow…exactly what he wanted. He was absolutely ecstatic and squealed that his “dream had come true.” It was unbearably cute and maybe, just maybe, a bit of an act. Chances are he knows exactly who the tooth fairy is. But hey, if it’s working for him and he continues to have such adorable reactions, I’m willing to keep the ruse going as long as he is.

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