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The Growth Fairy

Neither of my kids has lost a tooth yet, so our home has yet to be paid a nocturnal visit by the Tooth Fairy. In her place, it seems the Growth Fairy has been stopping by every few weeks. I have the following evidence to support this claim:

1. Yesterday, my daughter had a closet full of dresses; far more dresses, in fact, than any 2-year-old should rightfully have. This morning, I tried three different dresses on her, none of which closed properly. I put her in the first thing I could find that didn’t have buttons or a zipper…a blue floral number resembling a 1920s men’s bathing suit. It wasn’t a good look, let’s just say that. But it was stretchy and it fit, sort of.

2. My son prefers the surfer-type shorts that hit just above the knee. Somehow, in the space of a couple of days, all his shorts have become Daisy Dukes. It’s not cute.

Their maxis have become minis, their t-shirts are now crop tops. He’s sprouting vertically, while she’s growing horizontally. Their diets haven’t changed and with the beautiful weather they’re getting more exercise than ever. It must be the Growth Fairy, but I don’t mind…as long as she keeps her visits to the children and stays away from me.

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