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When to Part with Art

In a recent issue of Newsweek, Kathleen Deveny writes about what to do with the mountains of artwork her daughter produces. The article resonated loud and clear. I had been straightening my house in preparation for Thanksgiving, which essentially meant shifting items from several gigantic piles into smaller piles, when I realized I had approximately 752 pieces of “art” created by my two children. Figuring out what to keep and what to toss was the first challenge. But the bigger issue for me was determining where to put the whittled down 100 or so pieces I chose to hold on to.

The refrigerator door is already overcrowded with photos, invitations, and a random assortment of memorabilia. A folder wouldn’t work, since most of the pieces are oversized or three-dimensional. A scrapbook is a great idea — if only I could find someone else who has the time to put it together. So for now, my only solution is a couple of old boxes. It’s not fancy, but it’s free and easy.

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  1. Anonymous November 29, 2007 at 8:48 am

    Try this site:

    If you want to go more homemade you could take digital photos of flat and 3-D art. It can easily be printed and made into a book on your printer or on a photo site like

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