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Progressive Mom Likes Life with Less “No”

Ever since News Mom issued this challenge, I’ve been very aware of the requests my children make that I say no to. In general, it’s easier for me to say yes this time of year. I want my kids to love the summer as much as I do.  Since it stays lighter outside for a longer amount of time, I feel less rushed in the evenings.  There are more fun things to do after work, so I’m usually in more of a “yes” mood.  Here are some things I’ve said YES! to during this challenge:

  • Playing with toys in the doctor’s waiting room AFTER our appointment since we didn’t have to wait before it;
  • Staying at the center a few extra minutes at pick up time to chase the geese and play in the “tunnels” on the property;
  • Reading the Take Me Out to the Ballgame book several nights in a row because my kids love it…but I don’t;
  • Letting Max play with his umbrella in the house after the big rainstorm;
  • Letting the boys get soaking wet, fully clothed, from the hose while watering the plants;
  • Eating ice cream for dinner (actually, they didn’t even ask to do this, I just wanted them to).

I have honestly noticed better behavior during this whole process. My boys are also playing a little better together and Max is even sleeping a little later in the morning. I’m not sure any of that has to do with me saying yes, but I’ll take it! So overall, I give myself an A for this challenge and would like to thanks News Mom for bringing the negativity to my attention (in a roundabout way).

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