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Mother’s Day – A Girl Can Dream

Each year, when Mother’s Day approaches, I am hopeful for a day that is all about me, an ENTIRE day.  But alas, there are other mothers and loved ones in my life that need to be considered too.  A girl can dream though and here’s my dream day…

  • Sleeping in until I wake up totally on my own, with not one second of interruption from my dog or kids. However, unless my kids and dog sleep in a different house, this would be a miracle (and frankly, I wouldn’t like them to sleep anywhere else so not getting this bit is kind of my fault).
  • Breakfast in bed.  Maybe if you’re a mom who has had breakfast in bed before, you are thinking, this is not as glamorous as it sounds.  But for me, the key is not just getting the breakfast but not having to cook breakfast for anyone else that day!  Plus, I’ve never had breakfast in bed so perhaps it could be fun, especially if my kids were adorably well behaved and snuggled next to me (and said dog wasn’t begging for food).
  • A massage, a very LONG massage followed by an afternoon lounging guiltlessly in a robe.  I’m a massage junkie so I typically get one of these on Mother’s Day or that weekend but because I have other family obligations I don’t get to relish in it.  As soon as the massage is over, I’m packing up to head home and get ready for other extended family activities.
  • Lunch with my favorite girls.  It could be my best friend, my sisters, my oldest and dearest friend… it could be all of them if miracles happened. I just want a nice lunch where I can catch up, drink bubbly water with lemon in it and feel unrushed.
  • Some time with my kids BUT only if they are in the sweetest, happiest moods.  No fighting with each other, yelling or demanding I do things.  No complaining, leaving toys under my feet or having tantrums.  Just being happy, laid back kids!  (You know, sort of what you thought your kids would be like before you had them).
  • Dinner would be a leisurely meal at a fondue restaurant (that doesn’t mind my kids being present).  And again, my kids would act like angels savoring every bite as much as I did.
  • The day would be concluded with a nice glass of wine and a warm Jacuzzi bath before slipping into another long deep, uninterrupted sleep.

The reality is I’ll be woken up at 6:30 by my son, followed by my daughter and then my frustrated dog who was woken up by the kids.  My husband will probably take them downstairs until about 8:00 when they won’t be able to stay away from me any longer and will want me to make breakfast.  I will probably get that long massage, but will then need to rush home to get everyone ready for my niece’s lacrosse game before finally heading off to my in-laws for dinner.  My kids will probably behave most of the day since they will be around their cousins for a good portion of it so the day will overall be a success.   Just not a girl’s complete dream…

What would your dream Mother’s Day look like?


  1. Profile photo of Kate

    Kate May 8, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    My dream Mother’s Day gift would be a night of uninterrupted sleep in a luxurious hotel where there is no anxiety/anticipation of night time/early morning interruptions either! That and a fun and happy day playing with Liam followed by a nice dinner out with my husband to thank me for being such a great mom. Also not likely but it’s fun to think about!

  2. Progressive Mom May 8, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Ok, I’m going to be “that mom” and wish for a day away from my kids! Like Kate, I’d have a night of uniterrupted sleep in a hotel with no deadlines for the day. A nice brunch (without the Mother’s Day crowds of course) followed by a mani/pedi and afternoon of shopping (where everything would magically fit!). I suppose we could finish up with a family dinner at our favorite diner (only if the kids behave of course) followed by an easy bedtime, delicious glass of wine and watching a movie without falling asleep before the end!

    In actuality, I’ll be woken up before 6 a.m. with demands of Milk! and Breakfast! I am heading out to see a show in the afternoon w/my mom and sister so my dream day will almost come true.

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