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Mother’s Day Activity Ideas: A Keepsake Moms

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas: A Keepsake Moms

A fun Mother’s Day activity to try this yearWe did this Mother’s Day activity last year. I love to see how Olivia’s (age 5) answers have changed and some that are persistent. My mom will be happy to see her sauce recipe stands the test of time! After she answered the questions, we read through last year’s answers and had a good laugh (I never wear purple!). This one is definitely going in her baby book / scrapbook for her to read when she’s older. If you want to do this activity with your own child, I created a Mother’s Day Activity template so you can print it and either you or child can fill it out.

Here is what Olivia wrote this year on this simple yet fun Mother’s Day activity.

Mother’s Day Activity Keepsake for Kids – (Olivia, Age 5)

  • My mom ishappy.
  • I really love it when my mom…brings me to ice cream.
  • My mom likes to wear…fancy clothes.
  • My mom always tells me…stories.
  • The best thing she does is…bring me to a swimming pool.
  • It makes her happy when…I give her a kiss. (so true!)
  • My mom loves to relax by…the tv.
  • I like it when she…brings me to fun places.
  • The best thing she cooks is…spaghetti and meatballs.
  • When my mom shops she likes to buy…flowers.
  • My mom’s favorite household chore is…scrubbing the shower.
  • My mom’s favorite TV show is…Top Chef.
  • If she could go on a trip, she would go to…England. (this one came directly from her Pre-Kindergarten class project this week about faraway places – thanks to her teacher for this one – hint-hint daddy!)
  • I love my mom because she loves…Valentines.


Share your own children’s Mother’s Day keepsake activity answers in the comments area!


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