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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When I was younger I would always make my mom a Mother’s Day gift. As I grew up, I started purchasing gifts that I thought she wanted – a new pair of sneakers, a book by her favorite author, candles or different things to decorate her home. She always loved whatever I gave her, but it was a picture frame that I decorated with tacky buttons and glitter, with a photo of us inside, that she has always kept right next to her bed. Years later, after becoming a mother myself, it all made sense.

For the past few years, my daughter has always brought home the cutest Mother’s Day gifts from preschool. Handprint gifts, flower pots with her photo, cute cards and other fun crafts that she made with the help of her amazing teachers. No pair of sneakers could amount to the hard work and love my daughter put into making something special for me, even if it was just scribbles on a card. She was so proud to give me these gifts, and that’s what mattered.

Now that she’s older and understands that Mother’s Day is a holiday, she has been asking me, “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?” Truthfully, a week of her waking up or going to bed without putting up a fight would do it for me! However, I know she wants to be able to hand me something that she can feel good about. So here’s what I came up with for possible Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother and daughter on Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Mom: Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

1. Experiences. My daughter and I love doing things together on the weekends, whether it be going to see a movie, getting our nails done for a special occasion or having a picnic in our backyard. Movie tickets, nail salon gift certificates, a picnic blanket and basket or something along those lines would be nice! Turning gifts into experiences can leave lasting memories.

Child Handprint Art & Poem2. DIY Gifts. The Family Room shares these DIY Homemade Gifts, and I would be beyond happy to receive any of them! But here are a couple of my favorite gifts that Arianna has made for me.

One year she put her handprints at the top of a picture, with this poem:

I know you wipe some away, but these prints were made to stay. So keep them forever, a treasure they’ll be. A special “I Love You” for you from me!

At the bottom she wrote her name. It was when she first started writing, so was very special.

Another gift that I use every year is a wooden flower pot stick that she painted. Each year, when it starts getting warmer, we get some flowers to decorate our front steps and put the stick in!

Little girl with flowers

3. Homemade Coupon Book. I’ve been seeing these on Pinterest lately. They are coupons that you can cash in whenever you feel like it! Your child can make each coupon up. Some examples I thought were nice were: Help with chores, breakfast in bed, a family movie night, a night off from cooking, a free car wash or one big hug!

Although it’s a great feeling to see your child feel proud about something they’ve made for you or put thought in to give to you, Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts. It’s about spending quality time with your child to create memories that will last longer than any present you’ll be unwrapping!

What’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day this year?

Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day for Your Chance to Win!

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