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Mother’s Day Keepsake Activity for Kids: 2014

Mother’s Day Keepsake Activity for Kids: 2014

This is my fourth year doing this fun Mother’s Day keepsake activity with my daughter. It’s a simple questionnaire for her to complete but the real fun is seeing how her answers change (or remain steadfast) year over year. You can see for yourself: 4 year-old answers, 5 year-old answers, and 6 year-old answers. This year, there is one answer that I am especially proud.

At the beginning of the year, Olivia was struggling with 1st grade homework. It was her first year getting weekly homework and the adjustment was a little tricky. For years, I’ve struggled with how to deal with her seemingly perfectionist behavior. If her drawings weren’t perfect, she’d crumple them up, throw them, and storm out of the room. She would barely let me take part in any activity because she always felt like I did it better than her. You can imagine how this personality translated to homework. By this point, I was a little more equipped to handle it.

When the meltdowns started at the beginning of the year, I knew it was my job to talk her “off the ledge.” For me and her teacher, homework is just practice. For Olivia, it’s a statement of her inherent ability to do anything. She got a math problem wrong and, in her mind, she was no good at soccer. We started having these micro-conversations (less than 1 minute). “You just have to do your best.” “You can do this.” “You can learn to do this.” And sometimes it was simply, “You don’t have to do this.” or “Do what you can.” We would talk about believing in ourselves. I would share how I always freaked out about homework too (just ask nona!). It’s been a long journey but finally homework is not the chore it was in October.

So back to the best answer of all on this year’s Mother’s Day keepsake questionnaire. My mom always tells me…to try my best. Bravo!

You can watch Olivia talk about the rest of her answer’s in the video below. If you’d like to do this activity at home with your own kids, here’s the template.

Mother’s Day Keepsake Activity for Kids: 2014 (Olivia, age 7)

  • My mom isawesome.
  • I really love it when my mom…takes me on vacation.
  • My mom likes to wear…jeans.
  • My mom always tells me…to try my best.
  • The best thing she does is…snuggle with me.
  • It makes her happy when…I give her a hug and kiss.
  • My mom loves to relax by…the tv.
  • I like it when she…says “good job.”
  • The best thing she cooks is…everything.
  • When my mom shops she likes to buy…cookies.
  • My mom’s favorite household chore is…nothing.
  • My mom’s favorite TV show is…Once Upon a Time.
  • If she could go on a trip, she would go to…Maine.
  • I love my mom because she loves…me and Owen.

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Share Your Mother’s Day Photos & Win!

Editor’s Note: Mother’s Day is this weekend and Bright Horizons is celebrating! Share a photo of you with your mother or one of the other special ladies in your life (i.e. aunts, grandmothers), or you (or your spouse) with your children, for a chance to win a special Mother’s Day gift. See Amy’s entry and additional contest details on the Bright Horizons Facebook page. (This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!)

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