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Moving With a 4 Year Old – Selling Our House

Home for sale sign

We’re moving. At least, that’s the plan.  We put bags and boxes in storage (a.k.a. my parent’s house) in an attempt to make our closets look bigger, moved toys so that we have a grown up living room, not a preschool one.  At last the “For Sale” sign went up in the front yard.  We’re ready; except for one major detail – breaking the news to our four-year old.

I really didn’t think it would be much of an issue.  I’ve been a parent now for 4 years; but still, for some reason I still expect things to go according to plan.  I thought I would tell her “we are trying to see if anyone likes our house and wants to move in.  We’ll to look for a new house with a bigger yard so you have more room to play ball with the dog.  A house where you can get a new big girl bed!”  But, when she saw the sign and I told her all of those things she cried.  She didn’t want another house, she wanted this one.  She didn’t want another yard, she wanted this one.  We got the tears under control and tried to distract her and focus on other things while we regrouped.  Then, about an hour later she said something about putting a toy were it would be easy for someone who like our house to reach it.  Huh?  She repeated herself and I realized that she thought all of her toys would be staying here.  All of her furniture would be staying here.  It has taken a few days, but now she seems excited.

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