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At-Home Learning: Music Activities for Kids

At-Home Learning: Music Activities for Kids

Could there be a sweeter sight than little feet tapping to the beat?

As we share in our e-family news article, music ignites all areas of child development. It helps kids learn how their bodies and minds work together. It helps them learn sounds and the meanings of words. It enables children to develop their motor skills while practicing self-expression. And for both children and adults, it helps strengthen our memory skills. 

music activities for kids

As a parent you can extend your child’s learning with music beyond the classroom. Here are three musical At-Home Learning Activities to try with your kids, courtesy of the Bright Horizons education team:

Music Activities for Kids of All Ages

Kitchen Band: Fun with Pots and Pans
Suitable for: Infants & Toddlers

What Your Child Can Learn: In this activity infants and toddlers can learn cause and effect as well as new vocabulary words like loud & soft, and discrimination between sound.

Recycled Materials Family Band
Suitable for: Preschoolers

What Your Child Can Learn: This activity teaches preschoolers how to follow directions, listening skills, creative movement & more.

Drawing to the Sensations of Music
Suitable for: School-Age Children

What Your Child Can Learn: This activity teaches school-age children how to appreciate different genres of music, to express themselves creatively, and to connect hearing & seeing.

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