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#SocialParenting: Music for Kids (and Adults!)

#SocialParenting: Music for Kids (and Adults!)

“Parents, I need help. What kind of music do you let your kids listen to that isn’t specifically kids’ music? I need some suggestions…I can’t take the kids’ music anymore! Anything pop or mainstream that is still relatively tame and kid-friendly? Need suggestions…” KarrieT, Bright Horizons Online Community Member

There is a lot of great children’s music out there, but sometimes parents need a break. Can you relate to our Online Community member?

It’s not always easy to find great music that appeals to both adults and kids alike. Often, even seemingly tame music can have inappropriate messaging, so it’s important to listen closely. But, there are some great choices from all sorts of genres that will appeal to the entire family. For those times when you’ve had a little too much “Wheels on the Bus” here are some suggestions of music for kids from our own blog team:

Organized Mom: We have so many songs we love to listen to together. My daughter likes the Sound of Music soundtrack. We enjoy listening to Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England and Lisa Loeb. We also listen to soundtracks from Disney movies.  These often feature pop artists singing catchy tunes.

Nourish MomThey Might Be Giants (Kids YouTube Channel) and Laurie Berkner.

Progressive Mom: Anything Jack Johnson. My kids are also fans of the Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Phillip Phillips

Rookie Mom: I’m obsessed with Songza (an iPhone/iPad app similar to Pandora but even better, in my opinion). They have a great playlist called “Songs to Raise Your Kids To” which we listen to ALL the time in our house. I highly recommend it. We listen to a bunch of different stuff on the commute (a post for a different day) but I’ve found that Liam loves songs that incorporate things he likes. For instance, “Midnight Train to Georgia” one of my all-time favorites, is now one of his too (he loves to do the “choo choo!”). I try to find a balance that way.

Media Mom: Tough question for me because the last decade I was familiar with popular music is the 1980’s. But my 6-year-old has come home from school singing some Alicia Keyes songs that a) I love; b) are appropriate; and c) are empowering in the best way for my daughter.

Lisa: Kidz Bop music. It might be corny, but at least I get to listen to current music without being worried about the language!

Share your favorite adult and child-friendly songs with our Online Community or below in the comments section. What are you and your family dancing and singing along to these days?



  1. Brenda January 9, 2014 at 8:12 am

    We have a “family-friendly” Christian radio station that we have one at home and in the car. They even filter their ads and news stories to be appropriate for little ears. . .

  2. Baby Mozart March 16, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    We have a great collection of free baby and children friendly songs and sing alongs. My son’s favourites are ABC, baa baa black sheep, and BINGO!

  3. Sienna Bradshaw December 25, 2019 at 1:58 am

    Kenny Loggins “House At Pooh Corner”. Awesome lullabies!

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