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My Favorite Parenting Podcasts

My Favorite Parenting Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to them just about all day. At least when I’m not writing, which I can’t do while listening to humans spouting words.

Maybe you haven’t caught the podcast bug, or don’t know where to start. There are millions of podcasts out there, right? And probably thousands that are focused on parenting. Which is great, because every family’s different and every parent can find something that speaks to them out there in the podcastosphere (what’s the podcast equivalent of blogosphere anyway?) But I have to admit, I find a lot of parenting podcasts out there to be a bit more earnest that fits my style.

So here are the podcasts about parenting that I get value out of and I actually enjoy listening to:

4 Parenting Podcasts to Listen to Right Now:

The Longest Shortest Time: The parenting show for everyone. And it really is for everyone. Broadcasting since 2010, this one’s pretty much the momma of all parenting podcasts. Hillary Frank’s approach is so authentic, listening to her feels like having a coffee with a favorite mom friend. Her topics and guests are diverse, compelling, and always worthwhile.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts: Do you remember Susan Cain’s acclaimed book of the same name? In this podcast, she continues to explore the topic here in the context of parenting. Subjects range from social media to sports to parent/child fit. And this show isn’t just for parents of introverts or “quiet children.” I found the episode, Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child, to be especially fascinating, even though my kids don’t fit the profiles outlined.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Featuring a mom and a dad who are employees of podcast producer Slate, this is another one that offers a wide range of parenting perspectives and topics through a combination of candid chatter between hosts and fascinating interviews with expert guests. You’ll always come away with food for parenting thought and renewed focus on ways to parent better, even if you don’t always agree with everything you hear.

The Modern Dads Podcast: We haven’t forgotten about you, dads! Love this podcast featuring three city-dwelling dad hosts. And a recent episode features one dad managing podcasting and child care simultaneously. I can relate to that!

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I want to give a shout out to three podcasts that aren’t specifically about parenting, but are led by parents and give a frank look at the intersections of parenting, work, and money.

StartUp: Especially in season one, host Alex Blumberg features several candid conversations with his wife, Nazanin, discussing the balance of being entrepreneurs while parenting young kids (Nazanin has since joined the start-up).

Open Account: This podcast gives the most honest look you’ll find at the way money affects our lives and how what we learn about money from our parents will echo on through the years. Host SuChin Pak is forthcoming about the role money plays within her own young family as well as what she learned about it from her parents, and manages to elicit the same candid sharing from her guests.

Note to Self: Normally focused on exploring life in the digital age, this podcast recently did a series, Taking the Lead, looking the struggles all working moms face.

Are there other parenting podcasts I should be listening to? I’d love to hear your favorites!

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I’m Rachel, a corporate marketing professional, and mom whose days are fueled by music, podcasts, dark chocolate, and just a smidge of bad TV.



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