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My Message of Teacher Appreciation

My Message of Teacher Appreciation

Dear Bright Horizons Teachers,

Thank you for taking care of my daughter each day. Thank you for helping me to raise a smart, creative and kind individual. Thank you for showing her how to use scissors. Thank you for helping her learn how to write her name. Thank you for hugging her when she gets a boo boo and I’m not there. Thank you for celebrating with her when she poops on the potty. Thank you for laughing with her when she tells a “joke.” Thank you for putting her hair in a bun when I’m out of town; she loves her hair in a bun and, according to my daughter, Daddy is not a good bun-maker. Thank you for creating a classroom that opens up the world of science and art and literature and so much more. Thank you for asking questions that make her think.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a better mother.

Thank you for being a teacher.

With admiration,
Commuter Mom

Editor’s Note: Visit the Bright Horizons Employee Appreciation website to learn more about how teachers and staff members have inspired Bright Horizons families.


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