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My New Year’s Resolutions: A Recap & New Goals

My New Year’s Resolutions: A Recap & New Goals

It’s the time of year for me to post my annual list of resolutions. Let’s see how I did this year (with my 2011 New Year’s resolutions) before listing my resolutions for 2012…

2011 New Year’s Resolutions: A Recap

1. Don’t buy socks without the sizes on the bottom: FAIL. In a hasty shopping frenzy, my husband and I bought two packs of socks for each boy. The same socks, different sizes. Bad, bad move. At least I remembered to label them myself so I know who they belong to.

2. Don’t buy any brand new clothes, consignment/thrift only: MEDIOCRE. Apparently certain sizes are really hard to come by secondhand. I did have to buy a few pairs of jeans and “dress khakis” brand new for my older son, but haven’t bought much brand new stuff past that. I think I did pretty well with this one.

3. Start to compost: EXCELLENT. I set up my composter and did a really good job filling it with kitchen scraps and yard clippings. It’s pretty full now though so I have to take a breather for winter

4. Plant a small garden: EXCELLENT. I planted a few container gardens…all of which were destroyed by squirrels and extreme heat. However, I made the attempt and planted the garden!

5. Get off my phone and pay attention: MEDIOCRE. I still go on my phone a lot…but I’m more aware of when I’m doing it. I can still get better though.

2012 New Year’s Resolutions: New Goals

I have one resolution this year that contains several mini-goals. The overall resolution is: To become a better mother. Mini goals include:

1. No more  yelling. I yell at my kids a lot because I constantly feel frustrated. That HAS to stop.

2. Continue being present in their presence.

3. Trust that I’m doing the best I can and my kids aren’t comparing me to other moms, only I’m doing that.

How about you? Any resolutions you want to share? They say by putting them out into the universe, you’re more likely to stick to them.


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