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My Second Pregnancy: Savoring the Experience

My Second Pregnancy: Savoring the Experience

If you’ve spoken to Liam in the past month or so (or seen my ever-growing midsection), then chances are you already know – we’re expecting another baby this July. The future big brother couldn’t be more excited to welcome “his baby” and has already decided it’s a girl (despite the fact that like my fellow blogger Morgan we won’t be finding out the baby’s gender before birth).

Liam at Age 2In future blog posts I’ll write about all the things I’m experiencing or have experienced this time around – from the difficult first trimester to telling Liam that he’s going to be a big brother and all of the ways this pregnancy feels both similar and completely different from my first. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy where I am – in the second trimester sweet spot where you start to really feel pregnant but are in between the nausea and exhaustion of the first trimester and the discomfort of the third. From the beginning I’ve known that in all likelihood this will be my last pregnancy. On the rough days in the beginning I reminded myself of that regularly but now, in the sweet spot, I’m trying to savor each moment.

I find my memory of my first pregnancy is a little fuzzy at this point but one thing I remember clearly is that even though I couldn’t wait for Liam to arrive and was so thrilled when I finally got to meet and hold my baby, a little piece of me felt sad when the pregnancy was over. It wasn’t until it was over that I fully appreciated what a special time it was. I was so anxious to decorate the nursery and get our house ready and check off the baby registry list and all the other things you do to get ready for your first baby that I feel like I sometimes forgot to enjoy the fleeting moment I was in.

So this time around, I’m vowing to slow down and enjoy it a little bit more. Enjoy each kick I feel. Enjoy each kiss Liam tenderly gives to my belly. And enjoy each sign of the amazing thing my body is doing right now.

How did you savor the pregnancy experience? Any tips for slowing down and appreciating these moments?


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