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New Mom and Commuter Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

New Mom says:
Truth is, I don’t know what I want for Mother’s Day, except for my husband not to forget that it is, in fact, Mother’s Day. What I would really like, in general, is time to myself with no job to get done – no unfolded laundry in the basket, no bills to be paid, no lunches to make. But I don’t think I really want to spend Mother’s Day in particular without my daughter. I’m sure that may change in years to come, but for now I don’t think it’s this particular day of the year that I want to shirk all my motherly responsibilities. If it were possible to guarantee a tantrum-free day full of cooperation from my 2 year old, that’s what I’d wish for, but even if she got the memo, I suppose she can’t be expected to read it. So for now, I guess I’ll settle for sleeping in and reservations for brunch. It did just occur to me that I ought to send something to my own mother for Mother’s Day. See what you get after five children and eight grandchildren: you nearly slip their minds on the one day of the year that’s all about honoring you. Sorry Mom! I love you too.

Commuter Mom says:
Happy Mother’s day to you all. Hope you have plans to enjoy the day and be honored as a mother.

Here’s a fun Mother’s Day activity I found on Let’s Explore. I think I’ll make this a yearly tradition – it will be fun to see what she says year after year! Here is what my daughter had to say this year:
My mom is special
I really love it when my mom plays dress-up with me
My mom likes to wear some children’s clothes
My mom always tells me what I have to do
The best thing she does is clean up
It makes her happy when she buys something
My mom loves to relax by reading books
I like it when she writes notes
The best thing she cooks is sweet potato fries
When my mom shops she likes to buy stuff for me
My mom’s favorite household chore is clean-up time
My mom’s favorite TV show is Cash Cab
If she could go on a trip, she would go to Kindergarten
I love my mom because she loves movies

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