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Family Connection 2

I just had to post a follow-up to my Family Connections post. This past Memorial Day weekend we hosted a party in Maine for my husband’s family. Aunties, uncles, cousins and friends barbequed, played on the beach, toasted s’mores and the like – 10 of them even stayed overnight. Going in to the weekend I was feeling bad that my own daughter would be the only real child there. All her cousins who were there are young (and not-so-young) adults. She is the youngest by 20 years. I knew they’d dote on her for a little while, but I figured that would last a short time before they moved on to more adult pursuits.
Instead, the more the weekend wore on, the more they all grew on each other. They took my daughter on walks to see the horses up the street, read books to her on the couch, played with her on the beach. I’d always suspected, but now have proof, that Uncle Steve will make an excellent surrogate grandfather to my little girl and will enjoy her as much as she enjoys him. I’ve come to learn that young men in love make great daytime babysitters (they must think it impresses their girlfriends – and I think they’re right). And I owe my life to Safety Officer Uncle Jack who removed the Ziploc bag my daughter had turned into a hat/mask before I even noticed, despite the fact that she was less than 2 feet away from me. We may not have so many grandparents in our life, but I think we’ll be just fine.

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