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Visiting the Shshs

Ever day now, NewGirl insists on visiting the “shshs,” you know, the “fishes,” before we leave the center. I always comply, after all, it’s one of the very first desires she’s been able to clearly, unequivocally, and repeatedly communicate to me with language. The problem is, despite the fact that there are only two “shshs” still alive in the tank, visiting them is easily a 15 minute endeavor, minimum. That was fine in the winter, but now that the weather is gorgeous, that’s 15 precious minutes of time she could be spending outside, taking a walk with mommy and daddy before dinner or bed.

It’s 15 minutes that she’d also enjoy on her trike or playing in the grass. The problem is that she doesn’t know it’s a trade off. She can’t yet make that choice. So what’s a mom to do? I’ve tried edging her very early 7:00 bedtime just a little bit later, but without much success. Those 15 minutes are the difference between a peaceful evening’s sleep and a major meltdown, which invariably turns into an unpleasantly early wake-up the next day. What do others do? How do you adjust to take advantage of the great weather and evening light without disrupting your children? Or do you?

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