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New Year’s Parenting Resolution: Enjoy the Ride

New Year’s Parenting Resolution: Enjoy the Ride

Preschool boy wearing a hatThe other day Liam pranced into the living room, grabbed his father’s baseball cap and placed it on his head (backwards of course) as he proudly announced, “Mommy, your little boy is all growed up!”

It was a silly moment followed by many other silly moments as he “played” dad, telling us to pick up our magnatiles, to take good care of the stuffed animals and regularly informing each of us it was time to take a break from playing for a potty break. The kid really had his shitck down well. It was actually a little terrifying to hear some of the parent-isms that came rolling off his tongue with such ease. I took a picture of him with his best Liam smile that night and looking at the picture it really hit me like a ton of bricks just how big he’s gotten. I’ve had this sort of “Where did my baby moment go?” before. Where a big pot belly used to be, a wiry little stomach has now appeared. Where pudgy, unsteady limbs used to be long and strong arms and legs have taken their place. He’ll always be my baby, but a baby he is not.

Even three and half years into parenting I’m still regularly struck by how it seems this growing up thing can happen both gradually and yet so suddenly all at the same time. How he can seem both so little and so big all at the same time.

My New Year’s Parenting Resolution for 2015

I had decided not to make a New Year’s resolution this year but since that night I’ve been thinking what I would like to do this year is simple – to really try to savor these moments that show how slow and fast Liam is growing up. To try to resist the urge to push him toward the next developmental milestone and at the same time resist getting wistful as he crosses other milestones not even on my radar. He’s on his way to being “all growed up” and for my part, I don’t want to forget to enjoy the ride.

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