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New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

Though New Year’s Eve can seem like a holiday that’s more geared toward adults, there are lots of ways to get kids involved in the fun. Here we share our ideas for how to make the last night of the year memorable for everyone in your family!

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

Emily: “My sister’s family hosts New Year’s Eve at 9 p.m. They change the clocks, do a countdown and drop balloons. They have a big party for kids and grown-ups and do all the same things a midnight party would have…just at 9 p.m. It still feels super late to the kids.”

Lindsay: “Host a movie night but to make it feel out of the ordinary, do it a little differently than you would on a typical evening in. For example, children can usher “cinema goers” to their seats using flashlights. You might also make Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn, which calls for festive sprinkles and puts a new twist on the traditional movie snack.”

From The Family Room Blog: Make a DIY Time Capsule. Children jot down their current favorites: favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite activity, for instance, and you save the answers in a jar and open it next New Year’s Eve!

From Our Community: For kids who are old enough, nighttime ice skating. “If there’s a clear sky and a bright moon, nighttime ice skating. Extremely peaceful,” says Jonathan, a Bright Horizons employee, and dad of three.

Do you have other ways you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your children? We’d love to hear your New Year’s Eve activities for kids!

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