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New Year’s Parenting Reminders, Not Resolutions

New Year’s Parenting Reminders, Not Resolutions

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a couple of years ago. I was tired of feeling the disappointment when, yet again, I didn’t make it to the gym or that single chocolate nibble turned into 3, 4…10 bites.

But when I read last week’s e-family news article – Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Parents – I realized that maybe I had this resolution thing wrong. Just maybe what I needed was a reminder to re-balance my priorities. This reminder also came from my husband about a month ago when he gently pointed out that maybe I was yelling at the kids too much.

It was a good reality check because, in fact, it was bothering me that I was so stressed out lately. Adding a second child last year really rocked my world and it’s been a hard adjustment. I find I’m short with everyone because my brain is always thinking about the next thing I need to do on my “survival” schedule – wake up kids, get them dressed, feed breakfast, drop off child #1, drop off child #2, go to work, arrive home, get dinner set, clean up from dinner, quick play, tub, pajamas, bed, lunches for the next day, and then laundry or whatever else.

Because my mind is always thinking 1-2 steps ahead, I realized that I haven’t truly been present for my family. I find myself saying “no” a lot more, not really listening before saying “no”, and not at all connecting as a family should.

I’m still not going to set resolutions for myself. But I am going to remind myself daily that my family is the most important thing in this world and that I need to start showing it through my actions. And as a safety net, I just set a daily reminder in my calendar.


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