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New Year’s Resolution: Live with Less

New Year’s Resolution: Live with Less

For the past 48 hours, New England received a significant amount of rain and snow. It made for a nasty few days outside and sadly, a nasty situation in our new home’s basement as well. For the first time since we’ve owned the home, our basement flooded with several inches of water which took most of yesterday to fully drain. Many possessions were damaged and will need to be thrown away. When I went down to survey the damage, instead of sadness for what we’d lost I was overwhelmed with a realization – we have too much stuff. Way too much. And it’s my fault. It took sorting through boxes of possessions that for the most part, I had no idea why we were keeping to finally figure it out.

I have a “someday” problem. I save way too much because someday we might need it. Anytime I get fed up with the clutter in our house and go about purging, I’m paralyzed by my “someday” voice. I never wear those pants but someday I might change my mind about them. I can’t donate any of those toys Liam didn’t like because someday we’ll have another child and they might like them. I have to save the bins full of fabric I don’t have a craft project for because someday I’ll find  a way to use them. When it comes down to it, most of what we own seems to be saved for a someday that may never come.

The Minimalist Mom has some great posts on the topic. Because of my someday problem, I was particularly inspired by this post. As Minimalist Mom found:

…if you want to live your life for One Day, you’ll miss a lot of Todays. You’ll spend a lot of time preparing for the 3% of things that might happen instead of enjoying the 97% of things that do happen.

I’m never going to be a minimalist but in 2013, I would like to figure out how we can live with less. I guess you could call it a New Year’s Resolution with an assist from Mother Nature.

What’s your resolution this year? Anyone else hoping to pare down their possessions in 2013?



  1. Brenda December 29, 2012 at 3:47 am

    I was getting very tired of making new year’s resolutions, and always failing at them. This year (2012) I decided to make it really easy, and resolve to pet my cat once a day. I had really slipped on showing my cat attention since having the kids, and petting him only took seconds a day, so it should be really easy, right?
    My cat died this year, and again I failed at my new year’s resolution. He died of old age, but I learned to never take a child to the vet with you, even if you think they will just suggest a change in diet. . .
    For 2013, I’m making it even easier than 2012. I’m resolving to try all the pizza places in town. I’m going to print off a list and check them off one by one. We all love pizza; we’ll just have to make sure to keep our portions in check.

  2. Profile photo of Kate

    Kate December 31, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Brenda–I love the idea of keeping it simple! I’m trying to keep my goal as simple as possible by breaking my purging down into bite size pieces (one box/drawer in a night for example). Progress is slower but it seems much more attainable that way.

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